Enjambre, the band formed by immigrants from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, who settled in Anaheim, California, only to go back years later to try their luck in Mexico, is embarking on their U.S. Tour to promote their new album launched last May “Imperfecto Extraño,” which has endorsed their role as one of the greatest Latin American bands in recent years.
The album is formed by a dozen songs, including the highlighted advanced singles:  “En Tu Día”, “Tercer Tipo,” “Celeste” and “Nudo,” Produced by highly recognized Phil Vinall (Placebo, Pulp, Radiohead), whom they previously worked on their previous album “Proaño” (2014) with, and composed in a span of over more than two years, the record has been excellently received by the media in Mexico and other South American countries where Enjambre became very popular.
“Imperfecto Extraño” was recorded at the legendary and mythical Sonic Ranch studio, where iconic bands like Beach House and Yeah Yeah Yeahs among many other have recorded albums in, but the process included extra weeks in the Testa studio. Before traveling to Tornillo, Texas, to start recording at Sonic Ranch, the members of Enjambre concentrated in the town of Estipac, Jalisco, so that the new songs were impregnated with that rural, organic and psychedelic vibe that makes their music distinctive.
A dozen songs in which the vocalist Luis Humberto Navejas talks from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Structured as a story, “Imperfecto Extraño” speaks the reality that the band perceives with impeccable lyrics.
The band consisting of brothers Luis Humberto, Rafael and Julián Navejas, in voice, bass and guitar, as well as Javier Mejía on guitar and Ángel Sánchez on drums, has performed in Mexico’s most important venues, including big festivals such as the Vive Latino, in addition to having sold out the Palacio de los Deportes, the Auditorio Nacional and the Teatro Metropólitan.
With all this success, the group is embarking on a tour through United States to promote “Imperfecto Extraño,” starting today in Chicago at the Concord Music Hall.

Written by Marlena Fitzpatrick


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