René Pérez Joglar- best known as ‘Residente‘- unveiled his latest music video, Guerra, from his self-titled solo album. Directed by Residente, the clip was filmed in Spain and at the Zahle refugee camp on the Syrian/Lebanese border, housing over 250 refugees fleeing the war in Syria.

The poignant video is a raw, caustic reminder of war’s destruction, particularly to children. Known for his socially conscious lyrics, Residente aims to raise awareness while showing solidarity with the refugees escaping in an attempt to save their lives.


“La guerra es más débil que fuerte no aguanta la vida por eso se esconde en la muerte”- Guerra

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter is now touring in the U.S., performing in Washington, DC on Aug. 19 and will continue in Santa Ana, CA (Aug. 22), San Francisco, CA (Aug. 24), San Diego, CA (Aug. 27), Tucson, AZ (Aug. 28, Dallas, Tx (Aug. 30) and Miami, FL (Aug. 31). For tickets information click here.

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Written by Marlena Fitzpatrick


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